Lee Yunha

Yun-Ha Lee is the leader of a deliquent gang and one of the main characters.


When he was a child , Yun-Ha was a cause of an accident that killed his mother and the girl he liked and sent his elder brother into coma.He blames himself for the tragic event and decides not to enjoy anything in his life. He does not care for his own life and constantly risks by fighting or reckless driving.


Suh, Hyun-BinEdit

He had met Hyun-Bin once during his birthday party when he was younger and had recognized her as as girl by instinct.

He meets Hyun-bin again in High School during a confrontation, and a small rivalry ensues. They fight, but when Yun-ha realised Hyun-bin would rather die than give up, he forfeits the fight, saying that he 'cannot fight someone willing to die' .

Afterwards, he stays with Hyun-bin until he regains consciousness. They argue over whether Hyun-bi should go to hospital, but Yun-ha conceeds and drives him home. On the motorcycle, Hyun-bin gets sick, so they stop. At which point, Yun-ha demands Hyun-bin calls him 'Hyung'.

Later, Hyun-bin is told by the Chairman, Yae-ha's grandfather, to join Red Scorpion, the gang which Yun-ha is the leader of with Yae-ha.

In order to test them, Yun-ha gives the two the hardest trial, where they both have to lie on the top of a jump where three motorcyclists will dive over them.

The first two pass without incident, but the third one is too low, and heading straight for Yae-ha. Yun-ha is shocked when Hyun-bin shields Yae-ha from the blow, without giving up the challenge and jumping out of the way.

He is then angered without reason when Hyun-bin does not pay his injury any heed and assists Yae-ha.

He gives Hyun-bin the last trial, dragging him behind a motorcycle, and when it is revealed that Hyun-bin is still conscious, he awards him with the same rank as Ja Chi-ho.

He later takes Hyun-bin to a storage shed where he can tend to his wounds, and they begin to bond.

Hyun-bin becomes Yun-ha's closest friend, despite Yae-ha's constant attempts to get between them. When it is revealed that Hyun-bin is an employee of Yae-ha's family,Yun-ha comforts him and reassures him that 'this doesn't change anything'. Just before Hyun-bin is sent away, Yun-ha realises he loves Hyun-bin, and kisses him. Hyun-bin punched him, and ran away.

When Hyun-bin turns to him for help with two young

When Hyun-bin dissappeared, Yun-ha didn't want anyone to replace him so he took up th job of Yae-ha's bodygaurd until Hyun-bin returns. When he does, Yun-ha is shocked and hurt by Hyun-bin's attitude. He asks 'Did you turn into a robot while you were gone?' and Hyun-bin replies with a simple 'Yes.'.

Yun-ha decides not to give up on Hyun-bin, and slowly rebuilds their friendship.