Ja Chi-Ho


Ja Chi-Ho is a member of Red Scorpion and is regarded as Yun-Ha's right hand man. He is the first person to challenge Suh Hyun-Bin in high school. He wanted to sit next to Yun Yae-Ha, but Suh Hyun-Bin disagreed so he challenged her to a match. He told her if he won, he wouldn't bother Yun Yae-Ha anymore. Suh Hyun-Bin agreed and she won the match-Ja Chi-Ho was pissed. After that little incident he disliked her even more.

When Lee Yun-Ha asked Ja Chi-Ho about who the person that was washing their face. Ja Chi-Ho expained that, that was Suh Hyun-Bin and that she won against him. This made Lee Yun-Ha ask him to make Suh Hyun-Bin join Red Scorpion. Ja Chi-Ho asked why he was so interested in Suh Hyun-Bin and he replied that he found a himself a new toy. Ja Chi-Ho asked Suh Hyun-Bin the next day and she immediently rejected him by saying that she didn't want to. So Ja Chi-Ho gathered five other people to help him fight against her. They then precceed to follow her from school, whistling which made Suh Hyun-Bin calmly tell Yun Yae-Ha to get in the car as quickly as possible and leave. Yun Yae-Ha wanted to stay but, Suh Hyun-Bin closed the car door behind her, and told the driver to go.

She then turned to face Ja Chi-Ho and his crew who was waiting for her. "Lets go to the back, so others won't see this" Suh Hyun-Bin told him. Ja Chi-Ho agreeded and to the back of the school they went."I'll ask you one more time, before we fight will you join Red Scorpion." Suh Hyun-Bin looked at him and said "No". She then preceeded to grab a broom rip off the bottom and seperate everybody. That allowed her to fight one person at a time without others interfering. Ja Chi-Ho and all his friends lost, he reported this to Lee Yun-Ha and Tae Ga-Hyun. Lee Yun-Ha told him he would get her to join Red Scorpion himself. He was going to fight Suh Hyun-Bin both Ja Chi-Ho and Tae Ga-Hyun were shocked.

So when the time came Ja Chi-Ho watched as Suh Hyun-Bin and Lee Yun-Ha fought shocked at how good Suh Hyun-Bin was against him- but knowing that she was still going to lose. Suh Hyun-Bin lost, but she looked pretty bad so Ja Chi-Ho said he would take her to the hospital. Lee Yun-Ha said he would take care of her.

Chi ho had confused romantic feelings for Hyun bin. He continues to harass her assuming that she is in fact a female but wasnt sure. He later finds out in the bathroom and his feelings are finalized. He was annoyingly protective and passionate of hyun bin who only liked him as a partner at school (but she never actually liked him). But other than the annoying presence of Chi ho, Hyun bin considers him a close friend.